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What is the role of the wishbone?

The suspension triangle is the component generally which connects the wheel hub (pivot) to the chassis of a vehicle, it is a crucial and determining element for its handling.

But then, wishbone or suspension arm?

Arm and wishbone have the same role, even if the definition is different it is simply their shape that changes:

  • The suspension arms are generally oblong, they are connected to the wheel pivots often by a ball joint and also to the chassis by a silentbloc (often, in many cases, an additional fixing point is present, it ensures the connection with the stabilizer bar or with what is called the flush pull).
  • The suspension triangles consist of 2 attachment points on the chassis side (silentblocs) and a single attachment point on the hub side (ball joint).

What about the different types of suspension arms?

Suspension arms often use several materials to be made, namely:

  • Pressed sheet steel,
  • An aluminum alloy,
  • Cast iron.

Namely, that there are mainly 2 different technology solutions:

  • The double wishbone suspension : this type of suspension arm has 2 suspension wishbones: an upper wishbone and a lower wishbone (optimization of the train geometry angles, for better road holding), you will find this technology at AUDI for example.

  • The famous MacPherson suspension : in this case, only the lower suspension arm is present, it is the shock absorber body which provides the upper link. This option is more economical for manufacture, it is found especially on mass production vehicles. The handling is nevertheless satisfactory.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department for more information depending on the model of your vehicle.

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