How to choose your exhaust?

Several types of exhausts exist nowadays, STR Performance accompanies you in your research. The so-called "Sport" exhausts are parts made to order and are most often made in stainless steel type 304S and sometimes in 409S or even in titanium. The sports exhausts are all designed to be fixed in place of the original exhaust, without any modification to your vehicle (except contraindications indicated in the product sheet).

In order to build up window exhaust, you have to think about starting from the rear of the vehicle. Many manufacturers such as Magnaflow, Milltek, Rémus and many others, often offer lines with diameters greater than the original exhaust of your vehicle. If you decide to fit, for example, an intermediate silencer suppressor tube between your original rear silencer and your catalytic converter, you will experience gas flow problems as well as disturbances that can lead to engine problems or engine warning lights, and of course adaptations that are sometimes complex to make. In addition, pay attention to the compatibility between several brands. A manufacturer like Milltek for example does not take into account the way of doing things of its competitors to create its products, so this can pose problems of compatibility, length of tube, diameters ... etc ...

Note that if you order an exhaust, the silentblocs are not included. This accessory is attached to the frame, and should only be changed if it shows signs of wear.

You should also be aware that removing the catalysts or the particulate filter can lead to a second inspection for pollution at the technical control, as well as an error message on the instrument panel. It is important to know that the catalysts or DPF have specially designed sensors which send information to the computer to adjust the richness among other things and thus allow the vehicle to have optimal performance. You should therefore know that by removing the catalyst or the DPF with a substitute (Decata, sport catalytic ... etc ...) it is almost compulsory for you to reprogram the ECU to avoid engine problems. The installation of a sports catalyst also, because you change the heat and composition of the gases. the Lambdas probes will send a signal to the computer that the latter will not be able to correctly interpret and understand, so you risk driving with a basic map, by default, not suitable or commonly called "degraded" mode.

Do you need technical advice to choose your line?

Contact us via the Contact page of our site, we will help you make your choice.

Here is a rear silencer, it can be Single or Duplex. This is the last silencer in the line, it is attached to the intermediate silencer. It is sometimes possible that some manufacturers offer suppressor tubes with their silencers. The silencer is always to choose first in the development of your exhaust line

Called Half-line, it can be Simple or in the form of a Duplex. The half line, or also called "Cat-back" (Catalyser Back) is generally made up of the rear silencer and the middle silencer and / or the replacement tube of the middle silencer. It is generally offered in this way by most major manufacturers (Milltek, Scorpion, Magnaflow ...)

And here is a diagram of a Complete Line. It can also be simple or in Duplex, and is generally made up of the rear silencer, the intermediate silencer (or the replacement tube) as well as the catalysts or decatalysts. Warning ! the manifold or the exhaust manifolds are separate parts, they are often attached to the cylinder head or the turbo. They are never included in the complete line, unless specified on the product sheets.

Here is the catalyst (s) or also decatals, but also called Particulate filters (FAP, DPF) on more recent diesels.

Catalysts (or DPFs) make it possible to comply with current antipollution standards. They can be replaced by sports catalysts (100 cells or 200 cells for example), decatalysts or defaps (particle filter removal tube).

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