Golf 3 vr6 2.8L 2.9L AAA ABV trimetal rod bearings

Golf 3 vr6 2.8L 2.9L AAA ABV trimetal rod bearings

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Here is a Complete set of Golf 3 vr6 2.8L 2.9L AAA ABV trimetal rod bearings

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Rod bearings trimetal for vr6 12v 2.8L and 2.9L AAA ABV engine

Compatible: golf 3, corrado, vento, jetta, passat, sharan, t4 caravelle

Necessary for atmo turbo, bi turbo, kompressor etc ...

A trimetal pad is made to take advantage of the advantages of white metals, lead bronze.

The trimetal bearings have a sheet steel base that ranges from 1 to 10 ml, a layer of lead bronze and sinter and solder on top (can be replaced with copper lead) on 0.3 to 1.5 mm.

Cuproplumb is an alloy of copper and lead, often with the addition of tin, nickel and antimony, used as an anti-friction alloy.

A trimetal bearing is finished with a layer of white alloy, which serves as the friction metal, on 0.02 to 0.025 mm, which is protected from corrosion by an indium flash (made by electrolysis).

All of the trimetal bearings are shaped using a press. In the event of an accident on the trimetal bearing, the white metal melts, but the lead bronze serves to limit the damage.

The trimetallic bearings are composed of a steel shell, a friction layer, a stop layer and an anti-friction layer. The anti-friction layer is generally based on bronze-lead and applied galvanically. Trimetallic bearings are mainly used in engines subjected to high loads such as large piston pin bushings, connecting rod bearings, main bearings and crankshaft bearings.

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