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Whether it is in competition on the circuit or on the road, your vehicle will always be heavily used, there will be a given moment, the need to change parts concerning the circuits of the low engine type, oil circuit, sometimes of the transmission and running gear or concerning your engine.

You have to go to the essentials in order to guarantee an intelligent and well-chosen purchase by contacting professionals in the discipline.

In our low engine department, you will be able to browse and purchase various parts for your low engine, namely forged connecting rods, bearing and crankshaft shims.

For most models, we have original or repair costs, valid for all car manufacturers on the French, European or Asian market. You owe it to yourself to check the compatibility with your vehicle. Our product sheets are precise in terms of information for example for a set of forged pistons, we specify the volumetric ratio commonly called "RV", the piston pin as well as its diameter.

The bearing are also present with a tri-metal coating like ACL

At STR Performance we assure you to order the best parts at the best value for money.

We are partners and distributor of the biggest brands of parts for your low engine.

Our customer service remains and is fully available in case of doubts or any additional information. We remain reachable by phone or via the contact us section.

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