PCV control valve

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What exactly is a PCV control valve?

Well known to owners of 2L TFSI and TSI engines, this valve also called PCV control valve is too often replaced. If you find that your idle speed is not stable and that it oscillates between 750 and 1200 RPM, it is because you probably have a leak on your overfeed circuit or also that this PCV Valve is defective.

It sometimes happens that it is faulty, following normal wear but also that it has deteriorated after you have carried out an engine reprogramming. Indeed, the excess pressure in the overfeed circuit causes it to literally release! Nothing serious of course and you will only need 5 minutes to replace it.

Also note that this valve is often called: turbo pressure regulation valve / Pressure regulation valve / Valve for crankcase ventilation.

Here you will find our kits so that you can permanently replace your PCV and never come back to it, you will also have the choice between 2 possibilities, namely with or without oil catch can.

If you do not find the right PCV kit for your engine, contact our sales department, a technician will answer you in order to direct you to the right product.

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