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But What is a lane widener?

As its name suggests, a track widener will allow you to widen the track of your vehicle and therefore ultimately obtain a visual rendering of a car that is "wider" on the ground. The track wideners are in fact wedges which come to be put between the hub and the rim of your vehicle in order to lengthen the gap between the wheel and the train, or in other words to widen the center distance of the tires.

Track wideners are often used in pairs at the front but also at the rear of the car. Ideally, it is good to put the same thickness in front and behind.

Note that from a regulatory point of view, it is necessary to prevent the wheels from protruding directly from the wings of your vehicle.

But in this case, why put wideners on a racing car?

This is easy to understand, the fact of having a wider car will therefore allow it to pass faster in the bends, therefore the track widener is a part not to be neglected during a race or competition. automobile, from the moment or necessarily the rules of the race allow it.

Small technical precision:

Also remember to make sure that the studs and nuts are long enough to withstand the new gap due to the track wideners. It must take enough thread of the screw!
On the other hand, not every car will withstand the same increase in gap, and therefore the widest will not be especially the best suited. You will therefore have to take into account the variations of the running gear and the rack of your vehicle.

Small precision competition:

Big warning about the regulations because not all categories allow you to fit track wideners on your racing car. For example, they are strictly prohibited in Group N, conversely they are widely used in F2000 or for pleasure outings in Club on production vehicles.

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