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On a car, the stabilizer or anti-roll bar constitutes one of the parts of the suspension used to stabilize the vehicle, and in particular when dealing with irregularities and roughness of the road, including bends and other dangerous variations. The handling and the stability of the vehicle are thus greatly improved.

The compression of a shock absorber / spring group exerted by the roughness of the road or during a bend, undergoes a strong difference according to the outer or inner side to the pressure exerted. Thus, the wheel on the opposite side from which the pressure is exerted the least risk of slackening. This then loses some of its grip on the road and the vehicle may even roll onto its side. This is where the stabilizer bar comes in, thanks to its primary function of reducing the car's pitch. The pressure balance is then transferred equally to each side.

The front / rear anti-roll bar kit basically links the suspensions on either side of the car to make them work together with some consistency. And so this system allows the car to lean much less in a bend, to the detriment of comfort unfortunately ... It is also the appearance of the latter coupled with the increasing weight of cars that the suspension comfort has generally decreased. . In the same way, the diameters of these bars can be revised upwards in order to further refine the precision of a sports or competition chassis.

These bar kits are essential parts of the car's suspension, they are made of steel and also bearing (rubber silent blocks) and rods which improve the vehicle's general grip on the road. These parts should be checked regularly, at least once a year, when fully adjusting the parallelism of the vehicle. If you encounter and hear suspicious noises, such as a regular clicking noise from under your vehicle, these noises may indicate a failure or pronounced wear. Poor general condition of the tires also influences the rest of the suspension, and must be taken into account.

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