IGNITION: Coil, Spark Plug, Igniter, Battery, Harness

How does the ignition work on a vehicle?

You are not supposed to know that on a gasoline engine:

Ignition is very useful on gasoline engines because it allows the fuel / oxidizer mixture (gasoline and air) to be ignited in the combustion chamber.
Even if diesel engines do not need it because of the pressure / heat self-ignition, gasoline needs to trigger combustion through spark plugs (therefore ignition).
Also, with the presence of several spark plugs (especially as there are cylinders), the system must also know which one to supply with spark.
It is also necessary to know to take into account that the spark must be produced at a certain precise moment in each cylinder, according to the position of the piston and the current engine speed etc ... A little too early or a little too late and that does not go over!

The ignition circuit is generally made up of one or two engine batteries depending on your vehicle, coils or delco type igniters, as well as the lines of spark plugs, and also of spark plugs.

If you notice a loss of power from your engine or have noticed an increase in fuel consumption for some time, there is a very high probability that you will need to replace your spark plugs.
You must change them all, in order to prevent a possible risk of unbalanced ignition. Generally, manufacturers recommend changing the spark plugs between 30,000 and 60,000 kilometers. You just have to refer to the maintenance booklet of your car, it will give you the correct information on the frequency of spark plug changes and maintenance of your vehicle. certain tightening torque.

The operation is generally easy, please simply follow certain basic instructions, namely to keep the vehicle cold, to wear protective gloves, and to have the necessary tools for this operation. These parts will ensure a better longevity to your engine.

We sell all types of parts for your ignition circuit in this category, namely: spark plugs, coils, battery, ignition wire etc ...

If you have any doubts about the choice of a part, do not hesitate to contact our sales department, we will provide you with quality service and especially the right reference for your engine.

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