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Direct intake kits radius the largest choice Forge Motorsport Green BMC Mishimoto CTS Turbo Sparco JR K&N Pipercross

Direct or dynamic admission kit? We will explain everything to you

What are all the differences between direct and dynamic admission? Which gives the gains and the best performance? What are the best manufacturers and brands of admission?

First of all, you should know that the role of a direct intake or a dynamic intake is to increase the flow of incoming air in order to optimize the performance of your engine engine with a better response to the pedal. accelerator. The air intake kits are very well known by fans of motorsport or for engine tuning.

Each admission mark has its own operation, it is often composed of a cleanable and reusable cotton or foam air filter (Pipercross). We offer filtration maintenance kits for each brand of admission.

So a direct intake is simply a cone-shaped filter generally (direct filter) which replaces your stock airbox on your vehicle, its only downside is to suck hot air from the engine and therefore lower performance. of the motor. Some manufacturers of intake kits offer heat shield type protections to avoid this problem and to be able to properly insulate the filter in a compartment. They are cheaper than dynamic admission most of the time.

Note also that a direct admission provides a very nice angry and aggressive sound during a frank acceleration. You will hear your engine breathe easier.

Now let's move on to the dynamic admissions, they are much more efficient than a direct admission because they will seek the fresh air in front of your front bumper which goes directly into an air box (carbon most often of the time). It generally consists of a total carbon air box designed to suit the shape of your engine for specific brands such as FORGE eventuri, or cylindrical for universal type BMC , an intake duct which is mounted on the front that one often calls "BOA", one or more brackets as well as Clamp and all the necessary assembly including the installation of this kit.

Finally, we recommend dynamic admission to direct admission for the performance and optimization it can bring you.

If your budget is tight, opt for direct intake with a heat shield or with a duct to provide maximum fresh air.

There are many brands of direct or dynamic air intake, Forge Motorsport, Green, BMC , Mishimoto, CTS Turbo, Sparco, JR, K&N , Pipercross ...

We also offer the web's largest selection of sports air filters that mounts in place of your old paper air filter in the stock air box.

If you have any doubts about the choice of a part, do not hesitate to contact our sales department, we will provide you with quality service and especially the right reference for your engine.

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