Reinforced Silentblocks

Powerflex Vibra-Technics Superpro reinforced silencers cheap - international delivery dom tom number 1 in france

Do you know the usefulness of a silentbloc? Isolation mounts as their name suggests, are usually rubber and often urethane or polyurethane. They will allow you to improve the handling of your car. Stiffer rubber mounts of the rising standard with the same noise absorption.

Often installed for example on suspension triangles or strut bars, they can also provide a second shock absorber role. The shocks and vibrations are thus greatly reduced, the dynamic handling of your vehicle is therefore greatly improved.

At the present time, various manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry manufacture and produce this type of parts, such as Powerflex, or the English manufacturer Vibra-Technics and also SuperPro.

These silentblocs can be declined in several levels of hardness and location. In this department, we sell silentblocs plus with a higher level of hardness, for example for the front and rear axles. As you can see, these are compatible for multiple automotive brands.

Regardless of the use of your vehicle, whether it is a car intended for racing or rallying, you will be able to install these silent blocks to improve your car's handling precision. With us, Whatever the model of your vehicle, you will find the right kit for your car

It goes without saying that we can help you and assist in your purchase by posting all the useful information. On the product description sheets, we mark the number of silentblocs and indicate their function, we also add (when necessary) the precise dimensions. And finally, we add an assembly diagram (often from the manufacturer himself) to better indicate how to install and where these silentblocs are located on your car.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department for more information on Powerflex silentblocs depending on the model of your vehicle.

We also offer a wide choice of Powerflex Black Series silentblocs for many major car brands: Audi, BMW, Peugeot, Renault, Golf, Porsche, etc.

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