Butterfly Spacer

TFSI 1.8Turbo throttle spacer cheap for your car here - International delivery dom tom number 1 in France

What is a Butterfly Spacer for?

Generally a spacer is located just between the intake pipe and the throttle, it takes the shape and dimensions of the original throttle body and is supplied with screws and gasket.

But what is it for? In a good number of preparation, we note that the preparers seek to install injection systems type Nitro or water / methanol, this is where the throttle spacer comes in.

It is positioned as close as possible to the air entering the intake and often has 1 or 2 or even 4 entering ports to inject the fluids there.

This saves you time, adaptations on other parts, and therefore money.

its size is minimal, you can remove it and put it back as you see fit.

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