Turbo Muffler Delete

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But what is a Turbo Muffler Delete?

Often the performance and design of so-called "OEM" parts of a car are a compromise between noise, comfort and performance. As we told you in a previous subject for this piece whether or not you are an amateur or not towards a passionate and fan of the preparation, you will prefer not to hear its turbo breathe and make noise in order to be able to drive more silently.

This Turbo Muffler Delete improves the incoming air flow and also allows a larger volume of air to flow to the intercooler with a more aggressive sound in the process. In addition, like the Turbo Outlet of previous generations, this allows you to have a much better "kick" since the pressure rises are more Frank! Designed in 6061-T6 CNC Aluminum and machined, smoothed and anodized, the flow rate is therefore optimized for better results with this part.

It was also for the main manufacturers of this brand, that it be easy to assemble, plug & play installation so that anyone could be able to assemble it without having great knowledge of mechanics.

If you do not find the right Turbo Muffler Delete kit for your engine, contact our sales department, a technician will answer you in order to direct you to the right product.

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