Adjustable Shock Mounts

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Here is the radius of our adjustable shock absorber cups, they are original they are fragile. They are constantly subjected to the untimely knocking of the road in the suspension and these noises are rarely deceptive. You may also hear squeaking noises, in which case you will often have to replace these wearing parts. Remember that the fixed or adjustable shock absorber cups are there to secure the suspension to the body of the car. The adjustable cups allow you to change the camber of your vehicle's wheels. Most often you will find them placed on the front wheels, but they may also be found on the rear axle of your automobile. Note that you can find the adjustable shock absorber cups on Mac Pherson type shocks.

When you change a fixed shock absorber cup to an adjustable one from a competition car or from a lambda car, you should know that it is relatively easy. However, we point out that you will have to replace both sides at the same time.

And finally, you should know that making this kind of purchase is done very easily and with a few clicks on our online store. You will also find that we have a wide choice. Our adjustable shock cups are standard. For each product, we specify the manufacturer's mark and give all the information relating to the assembly.

Need information or help in your choice? If so, do not hesitate to contact our sales department for more information depending on the model of your vehicle.

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