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Usually, an engine has several mounts. You will need to have several types of parts to prepare for your rallies or car races. In this department, you will be able to order original or reinforced engine support kits. You should also know that we offer silentblocs for sale for anti-squat engine mounts (under the car and often attached to the cradle and the gearbox).

Whatever the model of your car, you will find here what to order compatible parts very simply and in a few clicks, while taking advantage of the best value for money!

You know that having reinforced engine mounts has real advantages, such as reducing mass transfer during acceleration phases, also when braking but also when you press down in a corner. Mass transfer is harmful to the dynamics of the car, so it is important to reduce it as much as possible. There are several levels of hardness of silentblocs, silentblocs and engine mounts, these levels allow you to choose a certain level of comfort or, on the contrary, optimum efficiency.

If you are looking for a particular support or kit, do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact page.

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