High Flow Injection Rail

High Speed Injection Rail - 034Motorsport Nuke CTS Turbo STR performance number 1 !!!

When an engine has to be developed for a consequent evolution, a good fuel supply is essential of itself. In addition to the fuel pumps, the rest of the gasoline circuit must be optimized for better efficiency.

Who says better performance, says more fuel flow. Hence the interest for manufacturers to develop specific components dedicated to high speed circulation.

High-speed injection rails are an integral part of this development phase while remaining in most cases close to the original configurations from a "mounting" point of view in order to facilitate their use. However, in a general and logical manner, it will be necessary to consider a new adjustment of your injection map due to the presence of larger injectors. Likewise, it is highly likely that the intake manifold and fuel system will need to be overhauled. As you can imagine, even if the assembly phase will remain accessible, this type of equipment is a link in a chain corresponding to a tedious mechanical preparation generally carried out by a professional. There will be design, adaptation or even manufacturing in order to achieve a coherent, efficient and reliable overall project. Simply stacking performance parts together will not be enough to achieve proper performance around your fuel system.

You will have the leisure to find among our manufacturers a multitude of solutions that will allow you to achieve your goals.

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High Flow Injection Rail

Pack 034Motorsport Aluminum Injection Ramp for 1.8T 20VT engine

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Take advantage of our High Flow Aluminum Injection Ramp Pack from 034 Motorsport , it is composed of a high speed ramp. This Kit is designed for 1.8T 20VT engines of the VAG group
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