WATER CIRCUIT: Silicone hose, Pump, expansion tank, Nozzle, radiator

As you know, an engine has to reach a certain temperature in order to be able to operate under truly optimal conditions. The temperature of your engine must remain moderate and monitored, otherwise you risk having the engine overheating and thus damaging your cylinder head gasket.

This is precisely the role of the water circuit to be able to ensure a good temperature and good cooling despite everything.

The water circuit is generally made up of several elements, such as the Thermostat or often called Calorstat. This opens at a certain temperature so that the water can pass through. There is also the water pump which is often coupled to the timing belt, its role is to ensure the circulation of water throughout the circuit as well as the radiator. The radiator is a determining element in your cooling system for your engine, it receives the fresh outside air due by its often frontal location being able to capture an enormous beam of fresh air. Generally it is coupled with 1 or 2 blowing or suction fans, which, in the event of overheating, is activated in order to bring the temperature down quickly. You will also find in your cooling circuit, the LDR is the Cooling Liquid, depending on climates and temperatures it is necessary to adapt it according to the seasons and to change it every 2 years.

On our WebShop we sell a wide range of aluminum water radiators. Apart from the thermostat, the radiator, the fan and the electric water pump, you will be able to order with a few mouse clicks all the necessary fixings and hoses as well as stainless steel clamps, expansion tank caps and various aluminum elbows.

We also have and sell competition car coolants.

If you have any questions about these parts for your engine cooling system, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via the contact page of the site.

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