VERKLINE Lightweight Engine Cradle for VOLKSWAGEN JETTA !! Delivery dom tom world number 1 !!

Here the section of Lightweight Engine Cradle from VERKLINE for VOLKSWAGEN JETTA

The principle of lightened cradles is obviously in the first place, the weight, the enemy of motor sport vehicles.

You will therefore find here cradles created from scratch in CAD, and in "T45" tube.

"T45" tube is a very unique seamless carbon steel tube that has been used in many applications in different industries. It is more resistant than the Co-Mo 4130 tube also used in motorsport.
It is widely used in the aerospace industry and in equipment such as pilot seats and crew seats due to the ability of the materials to withstand high G-forces without cracking or splitting.
This material is carbon and manganese based and meets aerospace specifications set by UK standards.

Traction: 700 - 900MPa,
0.2% Efficiency 620MPa minimum
Hardness test: 201min - 262 max HB or 210min - 275max HV.

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