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From the moment a vehicle is prepared for sporting use in leisure or competition, the development of a chassis in adequacy with the intended use is essential. The work to be done on the anti-roll bar or more commonly called the stabilizer bar, is a step that should not be neglected. Most of the time, the first phase of modification going through the change of the suspensions to a more firm and adjustable material, the anti-roll bar which will make the link between the two sides of the car will have to correspond to this new assembly in order to obtain homogeneous behavior. A larger or smaller diameter depending on the overall assembly will therefore have to be estimated.

For the front axle, the objective is very specific because it is generally essential to have maximum responsiveness and finesse. When in intensive use, the driver or pilot registers his vehicle or braking at the entry of a curve, the front axle must respond either finger and eye in order to place the vehicle on the best trajectory. With therefore a minimum of float.

Depending on the discipline and the coating, it is obvious that the search for adhesion will be more or less subjective, but there remains one non-negotiable point, precision. On a circuit where every millimeter of track must be exploited, in rally where variations in surfaces, bumps and compressions will permanently disrupt the search for a trajectory or in Drift where sliding and drifting are the key words, it is necessary to know where you are going to place your front axle.

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