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But why installed a reinforced silicone hose kit?

A punctured engine coolant hose can cause the engine to overheat, the coolant hoses can also be punctured due to age, heat ....

As for old silicone water hoses, they can become hard and inflexible. Heat is a factor that can also cause internal damage.

The visual inspection of your vehicle's silicone cooling hoses must be carried out each time you work on your engine or at intervals of 10 to 15,000 kilometers. Also make sure that your coolant level is as high as possible in your jar. If you refill too many times or top up coolant often, this indicates that the coolant is leaking or consuming.

Here we offer you complete kits of reinforced silicone hoses for cooling your engine in 3,4 and 5 plies with a polyester textile reinforcement to ensure optimum resistance to temperatures ranging from -50 to +180 degrees.

Come and discover a wide range of silicone cooling hoses for a large number of car models with different colors to choose from.

Often these silicone hoses are made to resist anti-freeze fluids.

We have here a selection of more than 2000 silicone hose kits reinforced with silicone for cooling your engine. Whether kits Universal hoses or specific hoses for plug & play mounting instead, this product is essential for engine preparation or to improve the aesthetics of your engine compartment.

Find at STR Performance the biggest brands of reinforced silicone hoses such as Forge Motorsport , CTS Turbo , Redox Silicone , Samco Sport , Silicon Hose , and many others.

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