Big Brakes Kit

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What is a big brake kit for?

Typically, big brake kits are a collection of different mechanical parts that make up your brake system. They generally consist of high performance brake discs of equal or greater diameter and are often mounted on bowls or not depending on the range offered by the manufacturers of these big brake kits.

The advantage of a brake disc mounted on a bowl is in terms of weight saving because the bowls are often machined from aluminum and therefore, as every gram counts on the moving parts in competition, this is not negligible.

You also have the so-called "radial" brake calipers (except in some cases for the rear) or you can keep your original calipers. Speaking of the high performance calipers, they usually come with the big brake kits.

Depending on the choice of your kit diameter and the level of performance you demand, you have the option of choosing high performance calipers that can range from 4 to 12 pistons, which will allow you to ensure optimum braking power.

You should also know that in the big brake kits there are also high performance brake pads which are specially dedicated to sporting use of your car, they have absolutely nothing to do with standard pads. They will offer you increased bite and better heat resistance to temperature in order to always remain efficient in any condition of use.

And to close the subject, often the big brake kits include specially machined adapter shims to adapt the kit to your vehicle.

We know that a big brake kit comes at an often expensive price, but it is the price to get the best out of your vehicle and also keep your safety.

We strongly advise you to take the big brake kit adapted to your rim diameter in order to have unparalleled braking power.

We can provide you with cheaper big brake kits such as high-end kits like the FORGE, D2 RACING, xyz or Tarox big brake kit and many other big brands.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find your kit on the site.

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