Reinforced lightweight flywheel

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But how to significantly increase the power of a vehicle? Indeed, this is possible thanks to the engine preparation, generally carried out by engine manufacturers, often related to the field of the competition.

One of the biggest factors of a preparation is the lightening of the said flywheel. Indeed, a lightweight flywheel improves the exploitation of power. Let's see how it works and the why and how.

Lightweight flywheel yes but why?

The function of the flywheel

The flywheel is a circular part and generally between 20 to 35 cm in diameter for a passenger car. It is often composed of cast iron, therefore very heavy. It is fixed at the end of the crankshaft.

It plays a double role, not only does it integrate the clutch mechanism and serves as a bearing face for the clutch disc, thus ensuring the transmission of the engine movement, but also it plays an important role of flywheel : by its rotating mass, it absorbs the jerky energy of the combustion of the cylinders to restore it regularly and thus to limit the variations of the inertial movement.

It thus allows the correct balancing of the engine and thus avoids destructive vibrations for the mechanics and generating driving discomfort on your vehicle.

But what is the benefit of lightening the flywheel in this case?

Originally, the flywheel leads and reduces power, because its inertia slows down the revs of the engine, it is in this acceleration phase that if the speed of rotation does not increase quickly enough, the combustions are more spaced apart and therefore engine power at low revs suffers.

The solution is therefore to make the flywheel lighter.

Ok, but what are the advantages and disadvantages Lightweight flywheel?

The benefits the lightening of the flywheel are:

  • faster revs,
  • faster power,
  • and increased performance.

But it also presents disadvantages :

  • a loss of engine torque efficiency,
  • irregular operation and increased vibrations,
  • irregular idling,
  • increased consumption (more combustion).
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