Stainless steel exhaust hose braid

Stainless steel exhaust braid

Reinforced stainless steel flexible braids are part of the absolute answer to solving your exhaust problems over time. The elements fitted as standard on the manufacturer's assembly lines generally do not have these material specificities. Consequently, the premature wear of the part generates leaks at different levels as well as an increasingly significant rigidity on the section concerned.

Whether it is for a replacement of an original part worn by time or for a more specific assembly with a view to optimization or preparation, flexible exhaust braids are essential.

In addition to easy connection to a made-to-measure assembly, this type of stainless steel element gives your exhaust line a certain flexibility and suppleness.

Even if it doesn't seem so relevant, the stress inflicted by engine movements and swaying due to the weight of the exhaust is considerable.

An entirely rigid assembly would then be forced to excessive mechanical stresses which would lead to systematic breakage or even very significant incidences at the level of the engine block directly in contact with the exhaust manifold. A car, whether standard, optimized, prepared, for use in leisure or in competition, is dependent on a whole host of physical and mechanical constraints for which we must maintain maximum flexibility in order to make the whole thing reliable.

All sizes are possible, even those that are not present in this category! Ask us and we will find a solution for you!

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