90° silicone elbow

90° silicone elbow - cheap - str performance - delivery number 1 - dom tom

The silicone hoses in general are due to their design in 4 successive plies much stronger than the original rubber elements.

Therefore, we quickly approach the notion of the lifespan of such a part being much greater than that of an original part. But if we provide you with this type of 90° elbow in silicone, it is obviously with a view to optimizing your mechanics.

If we are talking about optimization or preparation, the performance of your engine will therefore be revised upwards through an alignment of peripheral parts which will have to be linked together. It is at this point in your process that the 4-ply silicone elements legitimately take their place. The various pressure and temperature constraints will become such that series parts become real fuses.

In addition to this objective of certain reliability, there is also a lighter concept but just as important for all enthusiasts.

The aesthetic effect! Let's face it, the visual aspect of a mechanical assembly completed with silicone hoses has a definite impact. But even talking about color let's not forget an essential thing from the competition. The presence of colored parts on an assembly makes it easier to distinguish a potential leak or ooze. For example, let's take two beautiful intercooler hoses having the unfortunate experience of receiving excess oil from a turbo that was about to fail. The turbo may not show signs of weakness right away, while these red or blue hoses will easily show black traces of burnt oil that has nothing to do there. If in the same scenario, we had stayed on aging black rubber hoses, we might not have noticed the problem so easily.

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